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Do more with your money: Fastest way to financial freedom. Never worry about money again.
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Rewards for ⚡ positive habits ⚡️

Not just a tool, but a lifestyle - As a Daysaver you get rewards on positive financial habits.

Control money

We discover your financial potential each week for how much can be set aside and what habits to improve.
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No complex jargon

Our priority is to get your savings growing, no matter where you start. We help you win, and don't use jargon.

Always growing

Daysave AI works with real-time and historic data so you can have a personalised experience.

Data and analytics

We listen to our community and build Raycast in collaboration with developers, to build the best product.
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Reports and sales

Build in the open and collaborate with other Developers on yours and their Extensions.
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Support 24/7

We listen to our community and build Raycast in collaboration with developers, to build the best product.
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Always growing

Daysave AI makes weekly savings deposits automatically based on real-time and historic data.

In your control

We help you win by automating as much of finance as possible - including saving and investing.

Earn cash rewards

Gain financial rewards and super high interest when over delivering on your savings potential.
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There's always enough money

You are the maker of your happiness, wealth, and independence. Savings autopilot puts small amounts aside frequently to make sure you have money to use at the same time building your wealth.

  • Links with your existing bank.
  • 20€ put aside automatically, at the right time.
  • Small deposits, often, fully automatic.

Fastest way to financial freedom

Build a strong financial habit - and never stress about money again. Invest in your financial security and freedom with Daysave.

  • Personal financial plans and reminders.
  • Modern and innovative user experience ⭐
  • 3 minutes to start with Quick Connect ©

Unlock your potential

We help you discover your full potential. Reaching your money goals is automatic and fun.

Full control

Savings suggestions and spending insights daily - follow habit improvements and rewards.

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Sign up with your bank as fast as paying online - in 1 minute; We work with 2300 banks.

Secure your financial future.

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A world where people have trust in and a feeling of financial security.
  • Founded in 2021
  • Licensed in EU
  • High +3.3% accounts
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